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Make Massage a HABIT

As with exercise, massage has the greatest benefit when you receive it regularly. The more “practice” you give your body’s systems at functioning in a stress-free and efficient manner, the more “skilled” your body becomes at functioning optimally under challenging circumstances. Regular massage can help your body maintain its overall health.

BENEFITS of Massage

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety
Massage is one of the best known antidotes for stress. Reducing stress gives you more energy, improves your outlook on life, and in the process reduces your likelihood of injury and illness. Massage can also relieve symptoms of conditions that are aggravated by anxiety, such as asthma or insomnia.

Relieve Painful & Tight Muscles
Massage can relieve many types of muscle tightness, from a short-term muscle cramp to a habitually clenched jaw or tight shoulders. Some massage techniques release tension directly by stretching, kneading, and compressing your muscles. Other techniques work indirectly by affecting your nervous system to allow your muscles to relax.

Ease Delayed Muscle Soreness
After vigorous exercise, a buildup of waste products in your muscles can leave you feeling tired and sore. Massage increases circulation, which removes waste products and brings in healing nutrients.

Reduce Tingling in Arms and Legs
Muscles can become so contracted that they press on nerves to the arms, hands and legs, causing pain or tingling. If this happens, a massage to release the contracted muscles can bring relief.

Heal Injuries
Massage can help heal injuries that develop over time, such as tendonitis, as well as ligament sprains or muscle strains caused by an accident.  Massage reduces inflammation by increasing circulation to the affected area, which removes waste products and brings nutrients to injured cells.

Prevent of New Injuries
By relieving chronic tension, massage can help prevent injuries that might result from putting stress on unbalanced muscle groups or from favoring or forcing a painful, restricted area.

Encourage Joint Flexibility 
Besides releasing tight muscles that restrict joint movement, massage works directly on your joints by improving circulation around them and stimulating the production of natural lubrication within them. 

Help Posture
As massage releases restrictions in muscles, joints & fascia, your body returns to a more natural posture. Massage can also relieve contracted muscles and pain caused by abnormal spinal curvatures. 
Relieve headaches & migraines 
Massage decreases frequency and severity of tension headaches and migraines.

Encourage Restful Sleep
Improve Concentration
Reduce Fatigue
Increase Seratonin & Dopamine
Release Endorphins
Reduce Scar Tissue & Stretch Marks
Reduce Muscle Cramps
Enhance Skin Tone & Skin Health
Boost Immunity by Stimulating Lymph
Reduce Medication Dependence
Better Quality of Life


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