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Make Massage a HABIT

As with exercise, massage has the greatest benefit when you receive it regularly. The more “practice” you give your body’s systems at functioning in a stress-free and efficient manner, the more “skilled” your body becomes at functioning optimally under challenging circumstances. Regular massage can help your body maintain its overall health.

BENEFITS of Massage

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety
Relieve Painful & Tight Muscles
Ease Delayed Muscle Soreness
Reduce Tingling in Arms and Legs
Heal Injuries
Prevent New Injuries
Encourage Joint Flexibility
Help Posture 
Relieve Headaches & Migraines
Encourage Restful Sleep
Improve Concentration
Reduce Fatigue
Increase Seratonin & Dopamine
Release Endorphins
Reduce Scar Tissue & Stretch Marks
Reduce Muscle Cramps
Enhance Skin Tone & Skin Health
Boost Immunity by Stimulating Lymph
Reduce Medication Dependence
Better Quality of Life


Krave Therapeutic Massage
13760 N 93rd Ave, Suite 105
Peoria, Arizona  85381

(602) 402-5402  
Text - Preferred      
VM - Please allow 24 hrs

By Appointment Only

We do not take walk-ins. Appointment must be prescheduled.  We recommend online booking.  Thank you.